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For someone to really get close to me is the one whom makes me laugh. Being able to laugh again was about being able to forgive, and in no way does it change your past - but you sure do get to change your future.

Find out more about Maria Eves and her Journey Online...

Life Is Not A Destination - Life Is A Journey

What's the Journey Maria Eves?
To be able to bring others one idea.
One something that can help move you forward in your life and your business.

How YOU too can replicate and work for oneself?


Hello I'm Maria Eves from Rotorua, New Zealand now residing in Auckland.

For those that don't know where Rotorua is it's located in the central North Island, Bay of Plenty. Born and bred there and have many relatives still living there and buried there. A half cast of Maori & European descent. My beautiful mum born in Rotorua also and my dad born in Australia although my ancestors on my dads side immigrated from Ireland to Australia thereon to New Zealand.

I spent my childhood on my family marae where my parents lived in a little house beside the pa alongside my grandparents. I am of Te Arawa and Tuhoe descent and my family tribe is Ngati Rangiteaorere. Many of my family live along the shores of Lake Rotorua with the most beautiful views of Mokoia Island where my ancestors are buried.

Such humble beginnings with many beautiful memories of family and extended family and elders whom have since passed on. Much pain and sad times ring true as a child to eventually as I got older getting very sick as a middle aged woman.

Sickness comes at the most unexpected times and it can be very shattering internally. I personally had lost me drive and self along the way.

To humble myself I decided to find a business online and work it to discovering I had no idea where to get started.

Oblivious to what was about to become over the next 8-9 years. Overwhelmed and frustrated with the myriads of courses, spending every cent I could get my hands on. This course that course, this leader that leader, to OMG is this ever going to get better.

Which led me to moving away and discovering `` I am a very clever young lady and I have so much to give to others`` to discovering my GREATEST PASSION.

My Journey Takes Me Deeper Into Online Marketing.
I knew that to be able to fulfill my dreams I finally had a vehicle to take the journey of a lifetime.

I soon realized that....
You can go to college and get a DEGREE just don't make it your only option.
Circumstances change over time - What worked yesterday may not work today.
Technology changes year after year.
Teachings outdated no longer viable in the 21st century.

If you look around, you'll notice that many lives are so RESTRICTED.

Restricted by DEBT.
Restricted by JOBS.
Restricted by TIME and restricted by OBLIGATIONS.

You know I hear so many stories of people with big dreams but those dreams never turn into reality.

When someone doesn't have time or money to get out of the society they trapped in.

They are part of a system.

Whether it be poor or middle class its a system.

Its harder to create a life of abundance.
Its harder to live.
Its harder to survive and its harder to enjoy life at the fullest.

You know it wasn't too long ago that I used to party and dance the night away till the cows came home with whatever extra money I had. I worked hard and I played hard but i didn't have the skill to create anything worth talking about.

Being trapped in an office cubicle, stuck with minimum waged jobs - although grateful it did pay for cost of living.

As I look around, it seems society accepts it as the norm, but when you have been through struggle to pay your cost of living to even putting food on the table, you either accept defeat or find a way to make things happen. For some ``Why pay someone else's mortgage``?

To accept it as the norm is not what I envisioned for my life nor for my friends and family.

To be honest although we are humble and grateful for all that we have - That's not living.

Now what if there was a way to knock down barriers.
A way to do whatever you want, when you want.
A way to completely change ones outcome.

In 2009 I made a choice that changed my life forever.

I decided to Learn, Earn and Multiply.

Learnt to go to work full time and work my passion part time.

The dream is to become the best at Marketing any product online and taking back one's INDEPENDENCE which can and has drastically changed my circumstances in so many ways.

My Journey Offline...

I learned firstly that jobs are not stable. Job security is a complete myth, as is long-term employment. Companies lay off employees in droves…by the thousands! They just make sweeping cuts when they need to. An employer can dismiss you at the click of a finger.

My Journey Online...

I learned to choose one MENTOR in the niche I'm passionate about - and made sure he has exactly what it is I want - with results.

I learned that simply using the products I market makes me a product of the product.

I learned that by sacrificing the party life and take away's and investing into educating oneself at what I was most passionate about.

I learned that as a business you can take ownership as long as you understood that you can have the best product or service in the world, but if you don't have the philosophy to drive it and make things happen, no one will ever get to see it let alone buy it.

I learned that by mastering traffic generation in more than 1 strategy along with mastering traffic conversion one would never have to worry about money again.

I learned to never rely on one company let alone one product. As a business with the right system in place on the front end with integrated multiple streams of income and multiple companies with unique high in demand products is PRIORITY.

Now I don't know about you but ``I have a dream``. Do you?

Wouldn't you like to travel the world?
Go on family vacations, buy the things you'v always dreamed of.
Make a little money or make a lot of money.

Don't make it a pipe dream - Make It A CHOICE!

Today's world can be a better place when you help break the vicious cycle of being locked into a system.
It’s about helping other people change their mindset and getting out of the rut.

It’s about the VISION.
It’s about the SOLUTION and one simple CHOICE.

Welcome to Maria Eves Simple Steps To Financial Freedom Journey.
``My mission is to inspire, empower and equip you for success online.``

Take Control Of Your Life!