Traffic Vs Conversions

Traffic Vs Conversions

Traffic vs Conversions the gateway to creating more sales.  Two totally different components essential to creating revenue online.  Both are important but keep in mind visitors don’t bring revenue, customers do.

At the start of any business, traffic is one of the most important components to focus on, because without any traffic visiting your website, nobody gets to see what you have to offer let alone any conversions.

More conversions will lead to more sales, whilst driving more traffic to your website doesn’t necessarily mean there will be an increase in sales.

Traffic is such a buzz when you wake and see the huge spike and the adrenalin rush is amazing. Then you rush to go see how many converted to sales and you can’t believe what your seeing as a poor outcome and feel like just climbing back into bed.

Which brings the question “Doesn’t more traffic equal more conversions”?

Technically, yes.

Assuming your conversion funnel is optimized and designed to increase traffic and increase conversions and boost your ROI.

Traffic Vs Conversions which one is more important? 

Conversions obviously without conversions there is no sale.

More importantly “What is conversions”?

A conversion is about getting your visitor to respond to the Call To Action you have placed on your website. When they do that they continute on their journey through the funnel and closer to a sale.

Once you understand that a conversion means your visitor has optin to your capture mechanism and in doing so became a lead, you will probably start looking a little differently at your website.  Take a real closer look at your company website.  Can you see how the visitor can get away. And oh my gosh No.1 Traffic Rule is never Waste Traffic.

You must capture their email address even if you put a pop up webform out the front of your website to capture them – your gain.

So how do you move traffic to your website?

Whether your in real estate or your an affiliate marketer or even an insurance consultant, to small business owner whatever industry your involved in let me share with you a few tips.

It all starts with your capture mechanism on the front end of your marketing funnel.   This is where everything happens to capture and house your traffic that converts to a lead where you can then nurture them.

You see before you even think of driving traffic to your website you need to understand that hyperthetically it’s like a car.

If you can imagine:

THE PRODUCT you have chosen is like a vehicle – it sits on the back end of your marketing funnel.

It’s the MARKETING SYSTEM that is the engine to the vehicle -and it sit’s on the front end of the marketing funnel.

Therefore its actually the TRAFFIC that fuels the system.So when it comes to traffic -drive it to your system that has your capture mechanism in place and it’s the system that actually sells the product.

So if you really get that, then I have saved you a ton of time and money.If you haven’t integrated a system into your marketing funnel you will continue to struggle because your traffic is more than likely being sent directly to your product website and that’s such an uncool amateur way.

You must send your traffic to your capture mechanism so you can build your business asset and that’s your list.

Internet Traffic vs Conversions are like the branches of a tree.

My mentor explained it in such a simple fashion:  You have a fruit tree and to determine if the tree is gonna have tasty fruit it starts from the root of the tree whether it will have good fruit or bad fruit.

So when you understand the root of SALES…when it comes to traffic it’s not about just getting traffic it’s about getting the right kind of traffic to be able to convert to sales.

In saying that we still need to understand that not all traffic is created equal. 

Various traffic sources convert way better than others. Whilst others send a bucket load of traffic that doesn’t convert at all.  So it’s about getting the right type of traffic for what it is you want.

So where do you get traffic that matters and how do you get quality traffic?

If your in any of these major markets:

Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Info Marketing Agency, Author, Speaker, Ecommerce, Crypto, Consultancy, Online/Offline/Local business, Personal Branding, Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent –  There is 1 Challenge  -TRAFFIC AND CONVERSIONS.

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