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the freedom fighters networkIf your anything like me and been online for the last 6 years then you will know that once you have a proven formula and you implement the right systems and tools, your success online is inevitable.

To be able to implement a proven formula with our system, which guarantee’s to make money online or $150 back into your pocket is very unique offer.

Right now I am sharing how I came across the freedom fighters network system and now promote it.

After bleeting for years to stop looking at shiny objects and stay focused on 1 system I want you to know why I viewed another system.

The system I was currently using was a amazing and it had so many different marketing strategies that you could utilize.  I also had a traffic course inside it worth $1,000 usa dollar but did not have an integrated traffic source that I could plug my team into and duplicate.

For those out there that know how hard it is to do paid advertising with no skills, it’s enough to put you off anything.

It’s within my interest as a leader to help my newbies and team members get RESULTS now not 3-5 years down the track.

So this is why I viewed this funded proposal system.

The ad I saw on facebook had Jordan Schultz and Angela Moore images and the ad talked of “Push Button Traffic” on demand.



Jordan Schultz I have known for the past 3 years if not more and a highly respected marketer and earner. Just knowing him I knew it was not some shamy get rich quick scheme.  I knew instinctively whatever it was it had to be great so I took a look, after all it was FREE to view.

Now you may think “What a hipocrite Maria”.

What I want to share with you is my own experience:

  • The system I was presently using for 2 years “Newbies struggled big time” and eventually quit and I knew why.
  • Newbies were focused on free advertising which can take up to 3-5 years to master. Free advertising, included social media marketing, blogging, video marketing so on, easily done but it takes time to get comfortable with video marketing, it takes time to learn social media marketing.  With all these topics to get your content seen is also about search engine optimization knowledge and  if you are not part of a big team or community that supports you it can take years out of your life with no income coming in. Really it’s the slow track to success as a newbie so you get to see many newbies quit.
  • Newbies could not get the results to promote cause results build and a significant factor to success.
  • Newbies did not have any traffic source knowledge and if they did they had to go and learn how to operate the platforms. Titles and descriptions which include seo again time and money. So we all know that “No Traffic” No Leads and No Leads No Sales.

Every newbie I sponsored on board I knew would eventually quit if I could not plug them into a traffic source, and so that became my focus when I saw that ad.

Talk about timing!!

So I went inside the freedom fighters system on a FREE 7 day trial by just putting my email address into the box provided.  From there I had access to the system to take the 7 day test trial.  I proceeded to introduce it to a handful of people and activating step1-step5.

So simple anyone could follow this.


BAM the RESULTS came in for myself personally and also team members. Iv never sponsored 1 person per day for the next 5 days and that’s exactly what I experienced with a ton of leads.  I also saw a team member whom is newbie at online marketing bring through 5 newbies and a hand full of leads in 1 hour. I also had another member sponsor a couple of newbies and a ton of leads within hours.  There are so many others I could talk of…

A simple system with integrated step 1 to step 5 to follow.  All you need to be is teachable and coachable.

Step1:  Introduction video

  • upload your profile image


  • Place your facebook link in the box
  • Place you tax code in the box

Step3:  Activate your autoresponder

Step4:  Get Push Button Traffic

Step5:  Facebook Marketing Strategy


What I saw in the system is you do not do the selling. All you do is share the system with others, share the lead capture page with step 4 by just push the button taking 1 second and go to the beach for the day.

This is a no brainer with no obligation and no commitment.

Problem solved for all newbies wanting to get started in any online business and integrating this system on the front end that does all the marketing for you.  All components required are integrated into the system.

No more courses hooray!!

No more lack of cashflow

No more lack of marketing skills

No more lack of leads.

Infact no more EXCUSES!

Each step had a video to watch taking approx 5-10 minutes and I watched every video…every last one…

It just goes to show how simple a system can be when all components are integrated.  Just do what the video’s instruct without changing the wheel.

Freedom League is a tab where by you getting 5 new members within your first 2 weeks you get access to more phenomenal training.

Any questions with answers are easily accessible and also a Live Chat for support is the latest new feature about to be integrated.

I have since been able to get access to the hangouts held weekly that have amazing top 6-7 figure income earners sharing their golden nuggets.

As the system settles we are all very excited for the new back end products.

Can you imagine earning an extra $500 or an extra $1000 – $3000 per new member in the near future?

If you ever wanted an automated marketing system that does all the selling for you it’s now in your hands.

The systems today just get better and better, so if that’s you and you want an automated system where you just push the button and the system goes get all your traffic for you that builds your list and converts to sales Take advantage of it today!

I certainly believe in the freedom fighters vision which is to help the newbies get RESULTS within hours if not days or weeks.

It’s now your turn to make a decision that can change your LIFE for the better.



Blessings Your Way…


~Maria Eves

TIP: Freedom comes after you know how to get traffic and leads!

brian_bearWhen you team up with leaders like Brian Bear whom have gone out and tested various traffic sources and they know they convert, your job is to literally plug into that system that will do all the work for you and increase your bank account.

It’s that simple!!

Brian Bear is known online as a 6-Figure Internet Marketer and it’s sad to say he was involved in a car accident that has obviously set him back temporarily and ready for a comeback.

After listening in on David Bear during hangout I was impressed with his get up and go attitude.

Definately someone to be reckoned with when it comes to success online, especially when you have a whole heap of 6-7 figure income earners as guest speakers.

I read an email Brian Bear sent out that is really inspiring and well worth the value to share with others in this industry.

Are you average?

Chances are, when it comes to making money online, you’re nothing special.

That’s statistics, my friend.

2 out of 3 drivers think their driving skills are above average.

Here’s the truth:
TONS of people want to make money online
…but not everyone gets results.

Check out what billionaire Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett’s biz partner) says:

“Mimicking the herd invites regression to the mean.”
That line’s so important, I’m going to write it again:

“Mimicking the herd invites regression to the mean.”

Most people copy others.

It ain’t a bad strategy…
In fact, if you really want to succeed in making money online, you should absolutely “mimic” people who have already made it.
Problem is, most people imitate the herd.

Copy average people – and you’ll become average.
But when you copy people who “walk the walk”?
You’ll get results twice as fast.

Here’s what’s really cool:

Now you can make it TODAY from someone who’s BUILT A MULTIPLE 6 Figure income.


Brian Bear


Listen in…Time Well Invested!


the_science_of_getting_rich_image_001“The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich. Those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.

“It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects. Therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get rich.”  Wallace D. Wattles,


 The Science Of Getting Rich.


There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.


You can form things in your thought, and by impressing your thought upon FORMLESS SUBSTANCE can cause the thing you think about to be created.

In order to do this, you must pass from the COMPETITIVE to the CREATIVE mind otherwise you cannot be in harmony with the Formless Intelligence, which is always creative and never competitive in spirit.

You can come into full harmony with the Formless Substance by entertaining a lively and sincere sense of “Gratitude” for the blessings it bestows on you.

GRATITUDE unifies your mind with the thinking mind, so that our thoughts are received by the Formless Substance.  You can remain on the creative plane only by uniting yourself with the Formless Intelligence through a deep and continuous feeling of gratitude.

You must form a clear and definite mental image of the thing you wish to have, do, or become; and you must hold this mental image in your thoughts,  while being deeply grateful to the Supreme Power for granting you all of your desires.

You who wish to get rich must spend your leisure hours in contemplating your Vision, and in earnest thanksgiving that this reality is being given to you.  Too much stress cannot be laid on the importance of frequent contemplation of the mental image,coupled with unwavering faith and devout gratitude.

This is the process by which the impression is given to the Formless substance and the creative forces set in motion.

The creative energy works through the established channels and natural growth, and through present industrial and social order.  All that is included in your mental image will surely be brought to you who follow these instructions and who’s faith does not waver.

What you want will come to you through the ways of established trade and commerce.

You must be ACTIVE in order to receive your own when it is ready to come to you.

You must more than fill your present place. You must keep in mind the purpose is to get rich through realization of your mental image.

You who do that, must do, every day all that can be done that day, taking care to do each act in a successful manner.

You must give to every person a use value in excess of the cash value you receive, so that each transaction makes for more life and you must hold the Advancing Thought so that the impression of increase will be communicated to all with whom you come in contact with.

You who practice the foregoing instructions will certainly get rich and the riches you receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision, the fixity of your purpose, the steadiness of your faith, and the depth of your gratitude.

“This Is The Science Of Getting Rich”. Wallace Wattles.

Be Blessed…


~Maria Eves~

rule_no_1_investing_in_youRule No. 1 Investing in YOU!

Pay yourself FIRST.

You see being broke does not stop you from attracting money to you.

You see it really doesn’t matter if you have no money, you can still attract money to you, way more than your friend whom earns a 7 figure income per year.

It’s not like it’s a secret cause what I’m about to share with you has been around for centuries.

All you have to be is willing to learn and implement it daily to continue to grow your wealth daily over the next 12 months.

This way things you want will be more affordable.

You will be able to invest with a fair bit of cash flow that’s more attainable.

Your going to find that earning more will no longer be an issue by just implement this Rule No. 1 Investing In You by paying yourself first!

When you do this the doors will all start to open up and more opportunity will enter your life.

Pay yourself first.
To pay yourself first means that you treat your savings as you
would pay any other bill – as if it is a non negotiable expense.
When you receive your paycheck and are preparing to pay bills,
you will pay yourself the amount you have determined you need to
save (putting the money in a savings account or investment account).

This Rule No.1  is not made up by me, nor is it made up from fiction and fairy tale.


As I mentioned earlier this rule has been around since  ”before Christ” when the real wealthy were those who had a net worth bigger then dudes like Donald Trump and Bill Gates way back then!

Ok let’s get into this…

One of the riches men who ever lived taught those in Babylon that..

“Those who put aside 1/10th of their earnings for their families estate and future will be open to wealth”.

Financial entrepreneurs like Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki the legendary network marketer and many others that teach this exact rule.

That means that they all learnt from the financial entrepreneurs from centuries back.

These very principles of success have never changed.

“When you put aside 1/10th of your earnings, you will receive more in life”.

Doors start to open and success comes to those who welcome it.

If you have been anything like myself I had the habit of using all my earnings to pay my bills.

My thought process has since changed.  I mean to say why give all your hard earned money to the debt collector.

When I think about it nowadays…that’s crazy stuff.

How and where did I get a mentality like that?

No wonder there are many of us back in the days that had no money.

It’s so obvious that we didn’t pay ourselves FIRST.

The money is always being pushed away from you because you personally don’t know how to keep some for you.

Here’s A Great Example:

If you make $50 bucks in one day, start putting away $5, and then use the rest for your every day cost of food and bills etc.

And yes it takes discipline and consistency to form the habit to financial freedom.

Once you start forming this habit naturally you will never be the poor minded person who spends money on things that do not produce more money.

A priority to “Invest it in assets”.

Things that bring in more money.

It’s not about going out there and  blowing all your money on new cars and silly material things that eat up all your worth.


Things that put money into your pocket.

For me, by putting away 10% of all my earnings and investing into my business online will continue to generate cash flow that will eventually retire me.

What would doing this do for you?

  • Would that buy you more time with your family?
  • Would you want to be able to spend more time with the people you love the most?
  • Would you be looking at that cruise of a lifetime and travel overseas?
  • Would you love to leave your J.O.B. just over broken job?
  • Would you invest that money into more assets to increase your monthly cash flow?

It’s just endless when you decide to take the first steps in following the  rule No.1 investing when it comes to making money.

Start activating this rule no. 1 today!

No matter how little or huge it is.

Remember, it’s not how much money you make,  it’s how much you keep and put it into things that multiply.

Abundance is yours!


Maria Eves

Everything you picture in your life really is the effect of your life.
And everything that created it was created by your thoughts, beliefs, ideologies.

Every judgement you have ever allowed into your mind are points that make up your reality and that’s why your life is the way it is.

Have you ever been blocked in making your dream happen?

Here’s what can help you to get rid of that.

Did you know that if you change your frequency you can change your reality?

When it comes to your frequency its about changing certain thoughts that come through your energy field daily.

Just look around you.

You might be in your kitchen and there’s the table, there’s the fridge and the stove and there’s your body sitting on the chair.

Everything is what we call matter and underneath matter its made out of atoms and molecules and protons and neutrons and source energy that  permeates and holds everything together.


On our planet there is a thing called clarity.

That’s where we live in this whole thing called light and dark, true and falsehood.  Even if you look at water and you freeze it and its a solid in the middle of the liquid and then there’s the steam, so things can be transferred and changed.

Negative clarity we have electrons and neutrons where electrons have a negative charge and neutrons have a positive charge so there’s a positive and a negative and there’s a source energy that holds everything together.

So can you influence your environment?

Interesting enough this takes us to Dr Emoto and messages in water he gives.  Dr Emoto did an experiment with plain ole tap water that’s going to help you & I understand way more than I could ever dream possible.
What has water got to do with vibration you may ask?

As Dr Moto goes through the experiment he reveals that water crystals are as if they were our own emotions and that word contain vibrational meaning.

Words retained vibrational information which led him to expose water to written words. He thought that water might have the ability to sense vibration and give us some answers.  The first word he exposed water to was the words “Thank You” and guess what happened?

Previous Post >> Can you change your frequency to change your reality?

Much love…


Maria Eves


Dr Emoto – If you can influence your environment then you can change your frequency to change your reality.

What do you reckon?

Interesting enough Dr Masaru Emoto who is an author an entrepeneur, who claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

Dr Emoto did an interesting experiment by taking plain ole tap water and what he did was he froze it, then he took it and put it under a microscope and took a picture of the molecules of water.

When it was frozen the tap water molecules look something like this above in the image.
There is no shape to it nor is there any crystallized structure to it as he explains.


Then he took another bottle of water and labelled it with different words.
For instance….

Love and Thanks.

He then proceeded to take a snapshot of it and it showed the crystallized structure turned up.

So there was a different form to it.

He also prayed over the bottle with intention which  eventually shows you can change your environment.

Another example:


He did another one with different words  example “I hate make me sick…

You body is made up of 70% water.

I can only imagine someone saying that as a phrase of speech not really knowing what those very thoughts and words produce.

Dr Emoto did another example with the Energy of Joy.


Joy is one of higher frequencies that we can go.

Then he did an energy of “you fool”.

So in thought when we are judgemental to ourselves our whole vibration and inner being changes.

When we call  ourselves little nasty names in our head like ”Your so stupid” or I’m fat or I’m ugly or I don’t deserve this or that.

If you think like that then that’s the sort of energy your putting into your body.

I have learnt to stop this thought process immediately and start saying nice things to oneself.

Let’s look at the energy of gratitude.

Omg I’m so grateful for being healthy and I’m so grateful for the food I eat daily and I’m so grateful for my family and friends and the roof over my head.

You see when you do gratitude statements daily and you are sincerely deeply appreciative and grateful for something apparently a vortex of energy appears around you.

Being grateful literally allows for new stuff to come into your life.

Another article I read about referring to the mind science foundation did an experiment where it was proven we can change stuff around us.

The doctor took a red blood cell and through his thoughts of intention, he proved you can slow down the blood cells dying.  How amazing is that!!

In the “Maharaji Effect” the dr. took like 7000 meditative yogi monks and put them in different cities where they then proceeded to measure what happened in those cities before and after through a variety of ways.

In one city the crime rate dropped by 22%.

In other cities they monitored that the pollution dropped and in Tel Aviv the stock market went up.

So it’s putting conscious beings in a place where they are pulling in source energy and radiating out in a space, to change the environment.

The book “Power versus force” goes over why some people change and some don’t.


People have different patterns then others.

Looking at the scale above why some people change and why some people wouldn’t.

If somebody had guilt and shame they are the hardest patterns to pull out.

  • Shame meaning i am not enough.

If you track all your beliefs, like if you think you can’t have money it hits this place that says I’m not enough.

  • Guilt – is the energy  of 30 on the scale.
  • Apathy – is where homeless people are on the scale.
  • Grief – over money , where you totally sad and your whole energy field is u feel your victim
  • Fear – if I make too much money people will want to take it away from me.  A paranoia in ones belief.
  • Desire – is not the energy of desire its  more about the addictive quality of i desire something from a egoist place or i need to it to build me up cause I don’t feel I am enough.
  • Anger – its a moving energy.  when someone gets mad I’m happy cause i know they are pissed off enough to use the energy. so itwill move you.
  • Pride – is where fundamentalism lives.  They are ingrained beliefs that may not necessarily be  your own.
  • Courage – level of 200 and it’s a door opener.
  • Love is at 500.

1 person at 500 can positively change the frequency of those at 200 and lift 750 thousand other people.

If a person has the vibration of 600 can affect 10 million people.

One person at the vibration of 700 enlightened can positively impact 70 million people.

So that proves that you can change your environment and you being more you can influence the world or change the world.

Interesting isn’t it.

Water is affected by our intentions and thoughts and man is made up of 70% water.

How do you talk to yourself and others?

Listen to Dr Emoto….Revolutionary discovery with water.

B Blessed!


Maria Eves

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how_to_do_lead_follow_upEveryone talks of lead generation but once you have leads how do you do a lead follow up effectively?

Every lead has the potential to not only become a buyer or new team member but also a satisfied customer whom then can lead to repeat income month after month.  To develop an effective lead follow up process, it is important to first understand what a lead is.

A lead is simply a potential customer that wants to know more of what you have to offer before they make the final decision to buy.

Let’s go over how to go about doing a lead follow up.


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How to effectively do lead follow up.

speedwealth1SpeedWealth is an exceptional book to read when you get a bit of spare time it’s written by T. Harv Eker, also the author of  Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.  It covers the 8 essential principles required.

Listen in on the video to hear principles 4,5 & 6.

1. Develop a SpeedWealth Mindset

We know that success can be learnt.

You can always be more, have more and do more because you can always learn more.

2. Deliver Massive Value

3. Timing: Choose the Right Business at the Right Time

4. Systemize

5. Duplicate

6. Leverage

7. Cashing Out

8. Do It Now!



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what is website traffic and how to get website trafficWebsite traffic is the number of visitors to your website whom begin the process of clicking various pages you have.

Once the visitor has arrived on your website, there are tools that are integrated that track as to where these visitors go on your website and what they click on, giving the website owner a fair indication  of how many people actually visited daily.

Listen in on “What is website traffic and how to get website traffic”.


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What is website traffic and how to get website traffic.

video screen captureVideo screen capture can enrich any teacher’s presentation with powerful pictures and graphics.

With the best video screen capture tool it will allow you as a teacher to screen capture anything screening on your computer.

Audio is also integrated along with all sorts of animation.

For those of you wanting to screen capture your hobbies or your business its a pretty powerful move to do with no regrets.

The above how to video, which was created using Camtasia studio for training purposes.

Once you have done a screen capture video and named it your keywords you can now click on the tab PRODUCE AND SHARE and then set it on custom production settings then click NEXT…next…next then finish.  You pretty much don’t change anything.

What it will do is produce a video inside your files on your computer with the actual video.

From there you can now go to youtube and upload it with the same keywords in the title, description,in the tag and so on….

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Video screen capture

make money online from homeMake money online from home is about implementing a system that has all the components required in 1 system for the newbie to get started immediately.

No more fluffing around with these companies that lead you through course after course.

With today’s technology we see break through after break through with newbies online who make money online from home with no skills what so ever.

Finally we have the RESULTS!!

There are so many ways to make money online but its even sweeter when you can get technology to do everything for you on automation.


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How Make Money Online From Home

Here Is How You To Can Have Business Lead Generation Techniques Do The Work For You Daily.

Stop using outdated systems and move up to what’s working TODAY and no longer YESTERDAY.

Take your business to the next level where the big players make cash on overdrive and build big teams online.

Work Smart And Not Hard Simply Implementing Step1- Step6 with Lead Generation Techniques Even A Newbie Can Do.

No more courses, No more techie skills.  Just FREEDOM in your sights.

Any website owner can implement this system on the front end of their marketing funnel and start generating leads TODAY. You see if you  already have an opportunity on the back end then you may not realize it but you can integrate this on the front end and start generating leads for your online business like a marketer would do so.

When it comes to business lead generation online just keep it simple step1-step6 push button.

Team member Sonia Kohiti – 5 sales in 1 day in her 1st 2weeks.  Now since when does a newbie do that?

The community we have on the facebook groups has over 7000 members in just on is it 6 weeks?

It’s unheard of.

It’s a “Win Win” mode when it comes to  ”Business Lead Generation Techniques” using this system.

Every component required to make money online is inside in 1 place in 1 system. Designed for marketers by marketers.


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first_law_of_invisible_influence_imageYes I have often wandered how some marketers get amazingly high conversions with up to 70-80% open email rates and sell an amazing ton of products and services whilst others struggle.

After listening in on Vick Strizheus latest share online he shares that it’s because these people have an INVISIBLE INFLUENCE.

What does that mean you may ask?

That one question lured me in to go listen and this is what I learnt from him.

Firstly it’s a very advanced stage for a marketer so obviously I’m ready.

The reason only a small percentage of marketers get high conversions is based around that they have the power of INVISIBLE INFLUENCE.

Now this subject is not really talked about online.  Iv never really heard this topic from too many people.  Un yet the obvious is iv been doing it as a half pie habit for many years offline to online without realizing the significance of it, as I could of done it better as it is looked upon as a significant component that is not optional.

Infact it’s MANDATORY if you aspire to influence a ton of people.

The most exciting part of it all is anybody can LEARN and integrate this skill, these habits no matter what previous experience you may already have.

There are certain laws that govern sales and one of them is Invisible Influence.

What led me to this topic?

So I can be the best of the best when it comes to marketing online.

The key to this is knowing who to follow firstly cause its the blind leading that blind out there .  It’s important in choosing your mentor of which I chose Vick Strizheus when it came to anything to do with traffic.

What Iv learnt from him is that if you wanna be really good at getting your message out there you need to know what the 3 key areas you need to be paying more attention to.

On doing this you be able to get what you want….??

So let’s get down to the significant 2-3 areas that we need to stay focused on and master that will product 92% of your income.

1.  Marketing is the pillar you need to master:

- always have multiple sources of traffic
- never depend on 1 particular source of traffic at any time
- never outsource your traffic.

2. You need to get really good at conversions – cause conversions is what puts money in the bank.

There are 3 laws when it comes to conversions:

  1. The invisible influence - nobody talks about below the surface of the ice berg.
  2. Psycology and persuasion
  3. Law is the strategic plan of action.

If you want to have high conversions, people opening up your emails watch this video explaining the 1st Law of Invisible Influence.

If your out there struggling to keep your newbie in your team and looking for a solution to generating those leads that convert to sales, try out our 7 day free run with a $150 guarantee back in your pocket if you don’t get the results.

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How To Increase Website Traffic Is Far Easier For Newbies Than Its Ever Been Before.

Leads Leads And More Leads when it comes to, when you get website traffic by just following the instructions from step1 to step6.


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How to increase website traffic.

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