the secret to getting results onlineGetting results online is no longer a kept secret for many whilst others struggle in pain.

The secrets are right in front of you if you are open.

Firstly for those of you who have been struggling online, stop beating yourself up on it when it comes to getting results online.

What your predominantly seeing out there on the net with all the information and offerings is designed to make you this way, unsuccessful and in pain.

When you think about it that’s how individuals and companies make their money.

They sell things.

When your confused and overwhelmed with information it’s because you have no mentor to guide you as to what you should be focused on if you want to learn and implement marketing.

Find yourself a MENTOR!!


When I first set out online I started to get in front of the video and publish them although I had no idea how to be found on the net or even what to say.

What a mess but hey I just took ACTION!

Made a clown out of myself but as time went on I got better at what I was doing.

The main thing was I took ACTION.  If I didn’t do the video then I would never have learnt to be any better.

Another key ingrendient for you to take notice of is to PUT A HALT TO SUBSCRIBING TO ALL THESE PEOPLE.

You need to know what things you require to solve your problems to become a better marketer.

If you continue to subscribe subscribe to every thing you see out there “Guess What”?

You basically loose with overwhelment and burnt out.

You gotta know that marketers sell to people what they want to hear, don’t get addicted to it.

It’s like playing the poker machines and getting addicted to hoping the next win will come.

Listen up!

Real marketers sell what the market keeps buying and demanding.  If there is a want and need for it they will keep selling it and your the prime target as the consumer.

It’s very much like, I went to the mall the other day and all I saw was the obese men standing at the counter buying more and more burgers.  Unyet the company selling it to them knows its not healthy for them, but the man wants it and they keep buying it and their health deteriorates.

Well when you look at it.  The same goes on online.

Just look around at all this information on the net.

It’s crazy.

People are putting themselves into pain instead pleasure.

The strangest part of all this, is I used to be a huge subscriber in information overload.  100′s of emails a day in my email.

Where the heck do you start?

From there I joined a very prominant marketing company that held webinar every week and promoted course after course every single week via webinar.

There you go ….some people need it and some people don’t.

So don’t get sucked into buying these courses and tools every single webinar you go to.

Know what it is you want to specialize in.

Nothing changed until I did the mindshift and realized I don’t need this course or that course.

The goal was to build a list.

Not a company list, my own list.

Big difference…

Well today I’m gonna tell it as it is.
If you in pain then…..
It’s time for a SHIFT. 
The time has come to stop chasing information overload and start getting into ACTION.

The secret to getting results online all boils down to 5 key factors.

Mindset plays a big role in all that you do.

Are you certain you want to be a marketer online?

Are you passionate about this industry?

If your not certain than don’t do it.

There are so many sacrifices that need to be done to be successful.

Are you up to giving up certain hobbies you do?

Cause the time and money you spend on that hobby is needed for your advancement in certain things required of you online.

It’s like if you wanna be a teacher or a doctor.

You have to learn how to.

Of course its a course or system or tool you need to learn and then put into action, and then teach it in this industry if you building a team.

It is imperative you get it in your head today – Shoot for Paid Advertising – Don’t delay it.

If you have the budget find your mentor and shoot for it.

Traffic and Conversions will grow any type of business.

I know I know I shrugged my head for over 4 years online and remained in Free Advertising.

12-16 hours a day dripping in leads…who join and drop away, dripping in cash, but hey this is not what I set out to do.

Do not get into dripping!!!

Success is like speed, doesn’t it make sense to have the engine in the car?

The Secret To Getting Results Online1

What I know now would blow your mind…but just remember I gave you a heads up.

Don’t wait for 4 years down the track and say omg!!! lol

I was so busy learning this topic or that topic….

Don’t waste time!!

Research and find out who are the leaders in marketing online, cause they all around you.

It no good buying a business opportunity if you don’t know how to market it.

So do stop subscribing to any ole joe blog out there and focus on getting yourself a MENTOR.

Choose a couple of them and study them, what they doing.

The next thing I recommend you study and implement is get into creating your own “Lead Capture Pages” to build your list.


Cause when you join a companies marketing system yes they provide it, but it’s just to get you going.

Company marketing funnel systems make it easier for you to just take ACTION.

Today I want you to think ahead.

You need to understand that differentiation makes all the difference.

Why be like the 100′s of people in the same company with the same capture page?

Be Unique!

To help anyone to build their own list is simply by plugging into a marketing funnel system that gets you started and does all the work for you on autopilot.

I didn’t need to go learn to do adcopy let alone build a marketing funnel at that point in time cause it’s all done for you and your team.

Since learning all the key fundamentals of marketing, I no longer ring leads.

You can if you want but with autopilot it does all the work for you once setup correctly.

I no longer do any prospecting cause when you have laser targeted your leads and implemented the right marketing strategy you will get results.

3 way calls are no longer done unless your in my mastermind team.

We don’t train and develop our new team members on the basics cause the system trains you in that, freeing everyone up to focus on income producing activities and getting a life.

Makes sense when you actively work a system and have teachable and coachable people that take an instruction and implement it.

So the key to marketing online is implementing a proper marketing funnel system on the front end of your marketing plan.

Plug your new members into it and spend more time 1-1 with the go-getters and implement income producing activities.

Just know that our marketing system practically teaches you  everything a business owner could want.

Make sure you have a MARKETING BUDGET !!!!

This right here can stop you in your tracks so be aware!!

All you have to do is stay consistent and learn do and teach which I wrote in an earlier post.


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B. Blessed


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The secret to getting results online




affiliate marketing programsAffiliate Marketing Programs – The Training Is In The Products.

Do You Want To Know How To Market?

Get serious and get the 15k Formula that will teach you how to market.

Not just market but also give you access to affiliate marketing programs that every struggling network marketer needs.

You see people don’t buy opportunities they buy solutions, and when you understand that 99% of marketers online fail cause of lack of leads, lack of marketing skills and lack of cashflow you will rethink about your affiliate marketing programs.

Why waste your time trying to install a hosted blogging platform when you have no tech skills?

Time is a resource use it wisely.

You could use that money for advertising.

Make sense?

When it comes to blogging your products and services yes you can go get a wordpress hosted site like this one.  But I tell you what I spent 2-3 years trying to get it right.  Iv lost count was it 2 or 3 I lost geez it was a while ago but I can recall the pain of it all.  You can bet your bottom dollar I would not want that to any member of my team online.  So I can see reason for a newbie that’s serious about marketing online or just blogging about their hobbies to start out with what I’m gonna share with you.

Content Is King!!

Get a Viral Blogging System that’s already setup for you that also has additional benefits of products that teach you & your team, how to market and you can resell them off to others and earn 100% commission solving struggling network marketers problems.

What I Like About The Viral Blogging System:

A complete newbie  online can get started immediately without having to go through techie skills of  setting up a blog, or even setup lead capture pages for your business.

Capture pages are critical to generate leads, it’s a must for any marketer, building a business.

Just know that whatever you use your blog for, whether it’s for other affiliate products or opportunities the viral blogging system is customizeable and it’s your choice if you want to market any of the other Empower Network products.  If you love to blog about your family events minus a business then do so…it’s your choice.  I see many use it as a journal for their hobbies and travel…so be it.

Empower Network Inner Circle Audios – The training is in the affiliate marketing products.

Now if you want to build an actual online business -

What You Get For Your Money:

Mindset & Marketing from 6-7-8 figure income earners who’s results are not typical. They highly motivational and inspirational where you can also download to your smart phone or ipod.  You also get paid 100% when your team members also subscribe to this level and it’s residual.

What I Like:

If you need your mindset fine tuned, tune into the Inner Circle Audio’s. Learn from Leaders in the industry that take massive action and have what you want.

They walk the talk.

affiliate marketing programs work them in your spare time

If you wanna know how to build a team get the Costa Rica product – The training is in the affiliate marketing products.

Yes they all unique products, personal development and internet marketing training.

Making sales is where you need to be and to do this you plug your team into the products that trains them to market so you can focus on making sales.

Now from what I can see Empower Network Products is for everyone that can’t market but you get those out there that won’t put the work effort into it to make it successful.

If your the type of person that has the dream and the desire with the drive it will work for you.

Follow your mentor’s advice, and work your butt off…

Take Your Business Seriously And Go ALL IN – Get The 15k Formula – The training is in the affiliate marketing products.

This is a business model that just makes sense. 

If you wanna learn how to market, be it paid advertising or free advertising go ALL IN.

You can’t run a business without products and when you think about it…your team need these products.

It’s what will solve their marketing problems and they can earn as they learn.

100% commissions for products that solve other struggling marketers problems – It’s a no brainer!!

Why run with affiliate products that pay a measly $15-25%? Click The Image…below..

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Maria Eves

Obvious Disclaimer: that is not a guarantee of income.  Commissions come FROM product sales.

Results vary, and our full income disclosure is updated daily.

If you are looking for a business that makes sense, then make a decision and join us in the Empower Network.

Success likes speed, so doesn’t it make sense to have the engine in the car?

Affiliate marketing programs.

seo friendly blog postHere’s how to make your seo friendly blog post.

Your seo friendly blog post creates a webpage and that gives you the opportunity to rank well for your specific keywords your potential clients will be searching for.

It’s about writing something people are literally keying in and searching for.

Your Seo Friendly Blog Post Has Keywords For The Search Engines To Find Your Content.

  • Run your chosen keywords through Google Adwords Keyword Tool to rank well.  It’s a free keyword tool that will help by showing you people that are searching for your phrases each month.  It also suggests related phrases and lets you know how competitive that search is. (high competition is harder to rank in the 1st page of the search engines)

Let’s get started with a blog post.

  1. Title:  Put your keywords in the title which then also creates a keyword url.
  2. Heading Tags – It is very IMPORTANT to also have your keywords in your headings 3 different times in the body. You will notice in the 1st sentence I always put a heading with the keywords in it and I then place a  <H1> tag on it for seo purposes. I also put another header in the body with the keywords in it with a  <h2> tag and again a third time in the body with a  <h3> tag.  To do that simply highlight your keywords then click on the tab Format and inside it you will see the words header1, header2,header3.  Use those to <h1,h2,h3>
  3. Upload an image into post – Images also rank on Google search engines simply by naming your image the keywords you chose, also known as an alt tage.
  4. Upload a video and also use the keywords in the title of the video and the description and the tags and url helps.
  5. Keyword Density – Suggestions have been at a  minimum of your 1st 500 words in your post place your keyword 5 times.  Do not do any more than that otherwise it is now known as keyword stuffing and you end up getting penalized.

Where To Place Your Keywords:

  • In The Title – An absolute must to have your keyword in the title so people will click on it.
  • In The First Sentence – Google looks at the first sentence so a must to have your keywords in the first sentence to rank.
  • In The Last Sentence –  Yes I know Iv been slipping with this one but it is a must to put your keyword in the very last sentence of the blog post.
  • In The Body – Place your keyword 2-3 more times throughout the body of your post.
  • “NoFollow” – rel=”nofollow” For any link that leads to a site outside of your blog include this code within the HTML of your post right before the href= for every single external link you place in your blog post.

Example: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link text</a>

  • Link Juice –  Another great tip is if you have another blog site like I do, you can link both blog sites.  Link your Empower Network blog to your own blog or to anything else that you want to rank on Google. This is great if your blog is sooo new, link juice is received when you link your empower network posts to your own blog.  Makes sense cause the EN authority site has way more authority than many of our own blogs.

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Maria Eves
P.S.  Wanna know the first step to success?? Wait for it……wait for it…….wait for it……DECIDING TO GET STARTED!

seo friendly blog

tony_rush_1Tony Rush Shares - A lot of people are talking this week about how much they should “get paid by the hour”.

The whole “how much should I get paid for an hour” is deceptive.

Because you don’t get paid for your time…you get paid for the amount of VALUE you provide someone else-Tony Rush

It doesn’t matter if your a brain surgeon…..or the janitor that works in the hospital.

Tony Rush shares “The amount of money you make is dependent on”:

1. The demand for what you do
2. The skill with which you do it
3. The difficulty of replacing you

In other words, in a free market economy, how much you get paid is all about how much VALUE you provide to someone else.

That’s true for business owners.
That’s true for employees.
It’s true for brain surgeons.
It’s true for janitors.
It’s true for schoolteachers…

…and it’s true for you.

So, if you want more money, the solution is simple:

===> Just become more valuable at what you do.

That’s all. And anyone can do that.

So, that’s my new answer when someone asks “How did you go from broke to millionaire in 2 years?”

Answer: I figured out how to be more valuable to others…….

Tony Rush worked as an assistant manager of a book store, and now he’s one of the top earners in the network marketing industry.

Fancy being on the verge of quiting his business after being fed up with MLM and now earning hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly in residual income in direct sales network marketing. Yes he joined Empower Network.

He literally went from not even being able to afford the $1000 product to now making well over $100,000 a month.

If you want to join a leader who does paid traffic then Tony Rush is more than likely your man.  But  if you want to learn how to create a full time income online leveraging blogging and low cost traffic strategies then I’m your lady.

Enter your email right here and get instant access to FREE Video Marketing Information that will put you on the map immediately.

B. Blessed!!


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how to generate leadsFor you to generate leads effectively – give away value for FREE!

Yes you read that right….

Just give away information for free that will help other people in your niche solve their problems.

Don’t expect anything back, just be humble in giving this information away.

Here is one strategy called “Content Marketing” and it’s a great way to generate leads.

Content Marketing – What Is It?

Content marketing is fascinating and an extremely clever marketing technique email marketers use where an email is sent  to the subscriber with the intention that if the subscriber clicks on a link provided in the email it will send the subscriber to a single webpage.

That webpage will have for example a free  live video that has relevant value for you pertaining to your niche and congruent with why you subscribed in the first place.  It’s great when you get a 3minute video showing you how to do this or how to do that, and others with a full half hour if not slightly more with a deeper insight into the value provided.

This is a great way to learn do and teach what you learned from the value provided from content marketing.

The main objective is to drive a profitable customer action.

What a great way to pull people to your webpage, just giving free value away and generating leads.  As long as the information is value, people will click the  share buttons and provide this information to their networks which can cause a viral effect which also helps you to generate leads.

As long as your content is informative, sociable or entertaining and people can relate to it and will move along the process to wanting to get to know more and more than likely give you their email information through your webform or capture page.

When you create content for people to read and they benefit from it, they start to look at you as an expert. A video is far more superior for your subscriber to see you and get to know you as a real person.

The universal fact is “Real success, the kind that exists on multiple levels, is impossible without building great relationships. Real success is impossible unless you treat other people with kindness, regard, and respect”.  What you give out is what you get back.

So what better way to generate leads than to build extraordinary business relationships by giving away free value.

B Blessed!!

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~Maria Eves


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mariaeves_learn_do_&_teachLearn Do And Teach.

If it’s worth learning it’s worth sharing.

Imagine going to watch a super movie at the theatre with your friends and it just blew you away cause you learnt something from it.
What do most people do when they leave they get fired up about something they just watched or something they just learnt?
Yes they go tell someone else about it.


The whole concept of teaching makes most people uncomfortable.

People have said to me “What do you do Maria?

I tell them I “Learn Do And Teach “Internet Network Marketing”.

I keep up with the changes going on online.

Systems and tools change frequently and you really don’t wanna be using outdated methods.

Some laugh and don’t take me seriously with the skills I attain and that’s ok Iv got nothing to loose my time is valueable.

Whilst others that are keen to listen and  learn the skills of this industry are more than grateful to get time with me.

I found when I first got started, the more mistakes made, the better it gets.

Nobody ever became a great teacher without making mistakes and believe it.

It’s like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time or learning to drive a car.

You practice and you do it over and over again.

I love the concept of “Learn, Do And Teach”.

I also love the concept of “Earn As You Learn”.

Have you ever seriously watched how people come into the internet marketing business home based and climb to the top FAST!

What do you think is the reason for this whilst others remain lost and disorientated?

My personal take on this is “They TAKE MASSIVE ACTION”.

They Learn, Do And Teach.

Try it!!

You start doing these 3 key components and you to will become very skilled and knowledgeable and the type of teacher everyone wants to be around.

People that sit on the sideline and watch without taking action, criticizing and moaning and groaning, inevitably get no results.  These types of people have hidden fears and limited belief in themselves.

If you don’t learn you have nothing to teach others.  It’s a FACT.

So here’s a big tip:

To become a leader in your chosen field start applying all 3 steps TODAY!

Learn Do And Teach!

What would you like to teach?

Where do you need to go and learn it?

Don’t let another year elude you with “Internet Network Marketing” and “Make It Happen”.

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tony robbins 2Tony Robbins – Certainty by itself will not create success.

Certainty must be attached to skill.

There are a lot of people who have all the skill on earth, but they are missing the emotional certainty, so they do not employ and they will never achieve what they want.

Tony Robbins shares that “If you get up enough emotional certainty as you seek an answer you will find it, ‘even if you have never had it before”.

Tony Robbin hits it on the nose – “He does not know of a more important human emotion to cultivate daily then the sense of certainty”.

This emotion is practical, and most of us are afraid to employ our certainty.

Do you know why?

He talks of we don’t want to get all certain about something.

You get yourself all worked up…and have all this hope,  all this belief, and this certainty, and what if doesn’t work?

What if we  put all this certainty and invest ourselves emotionally.
We have all our identify tied up in this thing and then crash and burn emotionally.

(There’s that what if)….it speaks for itself, self doubt,fear…

That fear is what keeps you from having the certainty that you need.
Thats what uncertainty creates… FEAR!!

You have to choose one over the other.
You can’t serve both masters.

If you have not already listened to video1 Tony Robbins Series1 Certainty go here now before listening to this video 2.

I promise it will all make so much more sense.

I look forward to your comments in the box below.

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Blessings your way…


Maria Eves

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tony robbins1Tony Robbins shares that we have six core needs: certainty, uncertainty, significance, love, contribution and growth.

The two that I would like to share with you is:

Certainty And Uncertainty shared by Tony Robbins.

When you think about it which one dominates the other?

He talks of a principle that affects most people in their entire life.

Its a principle that carries the difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know.

It’s the principle that gets you to utilize things.

It’s the principle that gives you that peace of mind that sense of centeredness that sense of strength and power that makes success inevitable even if your going through challenges in the moment.

Its a principle that he saw applied and found it to be a significant issue to share.

The critical ingredient – Certainty vs Uncertainty.

This emotion that with the use of which can absolutely guarantee that you will utilize what you know to fullest extent and the lack of it’s use can virtually guarantee that you cannot achieve anything that you have the capability of creating in your life.

The Paradox however is too much of it in the wrong places the wrong time can virtually seal your fate.

Tony Robbins reveals in this much-requested PowerTalk! session, we need both forces to lead fulfilled, passionate, successful lives.

Listen in on how uncertainty can both paralyze and liberate, and how, with certainty, we can get anything we want from life.

This is a two part series of video so do watch for my next post to get series 2.

I look forward to your comments in the box below.

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Blessings Your Way…


Maria Eves

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Email Marketing – Is About Getting Customers To Know, Like & Trust You Whom Then Love To Buy From You.

It’s A Process…

From my own experience it’s not just about simply collecting email addresses, far from it.  To get that subscriber into your email autoresponder system your capture page or optin form needs to have a pretty interesting promotion that stands out from the crowd.  The subscriber will give you their email address so they can get what you have to offer in value for FREE and allow you to continue to send regular email and keep them updated and informed on anything else of value you have to offer in the near future.

As long as you have laser targeted your subscribers in your niche they are people who have an interest in what you have to offer and given you their permission to continue to contact them via email marketing as long as it’s congruent to what they originally subscribed to.

Interesting enough I was reading an article by  FlipTop where this graph tells a story.

content vs inbound vs permission

Look at the Content Marketing in blue how it continues to rise over and above Inbound Marketing and Permission Marketing.

 What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a very clever marketing technique which email marketers are using where some send an email to you and if they sharp enough and able to get you to click on the link provided which will send you to a single webpage with a  live video that has relevant value for you pertaining to your niche and congruent with why you subscribed in the first place, where you can either learn from it and/or implement what you learned from it solving any problems you may have had on that particular topic.  Therefore gaining value.  The main objective is to drive a profitable customer action.

When it comes to content marketing its about thinking about the target audience’s needs first. Traditional advertising shouts out at their prospective customers whereas content marketing talks with them. Content marketing is living proof of you and your brand in front of your subscribers your customers in the form of a video where they see everything live along with any demonstrations or interviews, educational webinars, testimonials, case studies and so much more.

Content marketing can indeed significantly reduce the media spend associated with advertising but I’m not saying it will replace advertising.

Businesses that use content marketing get to connect with and grow their audience by providing compelling, helpful and purposeful information that their audience is looking for. It’s done more on a personal approach to business, building trust, which ultimately creates longer and more meaningful consumer/brand relationships.

What is Inbound Marketing?

  1. Inbound marketing is a strategy that utilizes many forms of pull marketing – content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media and more – to create brand awareness and attract new business.

When you use inbound marketing,customers come to you.

Using inbound marketing can turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

Inbound marketing is about content & context- Blogs, Interactive Tools,Photo’s and Infographics,Videos and Podcasts, Presentations and Ebooks.

Inbound is mult channel by nature because it approaches people where they are in the channel where they want to interact with you.


The Inbound Funnel…

GET TRAFFIC...Create blog content, searach engine optimize (seo) your content, and promote it on social media sites.

GET LEADS….Place calls to action throughout your website to dirve visitors to landing pages with forms.
Visitors fill out the forms to get whatever your offering and become leads.

GET CUSTOMERS…Send your leads automated emails to drive them along with your buying cycle.
Provide your sales team with lead intelligence so they can make more effective sales calls.

ANALYZE…Analyse the success of your marketing campaigns, and determine which areas need further
optimizations for future success.

Permission Marketing:

What is Permission Marketing?

According to Seth Godin “permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal, and relevant messages to people who actually want them.”

So if you want to receive email updates, you SUBSCRIBE  by giving your email address and you have therefore given me permission to send emails to you as long as they are congruent with what you subscribed to and of value and not just spammy spam.

Permission marketing is a common process in Internet marketing and direct mail/email campaigns. People that have subscriptions to an SMS, newsletter, blog, RSS feed, or even certain loyalty cards can be an opportunity for permission marketing.

Permission marketing does not typically create immediate sales, but rather grabs a customer’s attention and preserves a business relationship.

Permission based marketing is where for you to get too keep a consumer’s attention, you must offer an incentive. This incentive might include a useful information that can teach them something or solve a problem they may have in the niche or even sending  some kind of entertainment, or perhaps a useful application or service.

Email Marketing:

Personally I use aweber email autoresponder management system that collects email addressess from visitors to any of my websites, or blog sites or social media sites amongst other sites and send them email.

The emails consists of enducational emails in the industry of internet marketing, to inspiring and entertaining content that helps promote.

An internet-based call to action campaign in an email marketing message can drive tons of traffic.You also have the added benefit of inserting links to past and present blog posts or promotions. People can click right then and there.

Watch the process as you click the link below to continue and take your business to the next level.


Best Internet Marketing Tips

Tip1: Send yourself an email.

Make sure that you have your first and last name or business name in the FROM spot.

I am stunned by how many people do not.

I also recommend you consider adding a signature file at the bottom of
your emails with your FULL contact info and any pertinent links.

This way people can contact you or check you out further EASILY!   Diane Hochman…

Best internet marketing tips…

Facebook- Tip2:

Press <Shift> and then <Enter> while typing a post to create a new paragraph….

….like this. :)

It makes your posts WAY more readable than typing dozens of words with no paragraph breaks. :) Tony Rush…


Tip 3.  Did you know that there are only 3 groups of people:

1) 96% of population ==>> they trade time for money
2) 3% of population ==>> they invest money to make money
3) 1% of people ==>> they use leverage, they have multiple stearms of income

Which group do you belong to? anon….


TIP 4: How to write blog posts that appeal to the masses - Most people believe their blog posts have to be written with proper grammar and proper English as if they were writing a college paper, however…

…that’s not the case.

A few quick things:

- white space is appealing, because it’s easier on the eyes

- don’t use big words just to sound more intelligent (write like you speak, because then you’ll sound more natural and relate-able to your audience)


Tip 5- Best Internet Marketing Tips.

How to create fresh content regularly - the biggest struggle most people have is coming up with new blog posts regularly to keep their audience coming back.

The easiest solution, which applies to any niche that you’re blogging about…


As you continue learning new stuff about your blog topic daily, maybe just like you’re doing right now reading every word I’m writing…

…you’ll constantly have new information to share with your audience!

So read books, read blog posts, watch videos…

…basically keep consuming information about your topic, then implement that information if it’s actionable, and share what you learned with your audience along with the results you got.  J. Schultz

Tip 6 – Best Internet Marketing Tips.

A helpful tip: if you send a TXT message to someone that you don’t normally communicate with….

…..remember that they have no way of knowing who you are.

Be sure to introduce yourself. Tony. Rush


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P.S. You cannot think your way into a new
way of Action – You must act your way into
a new way of thinking – LOVE that.

Act Here <— and let’s get YOU living the life!

best internet marketing tips

put your dream to test

Put your dream to the test – Cause everything you need to succeed is already inside you.

Ask yourself “Am I actively taking action to move me closer to my dreams and goals every day”?

Put your dream to test -How to move toward the realization of our dreams.

No. 1.  Total clarity:

Clarity is key so as to determine exactly what your goal or dream is.

Write it down in detailed description what it is you want to accomplish.

This way you gain a mental image and description that turn your thoughts into words that then gains clarity.

Put your dream to test:

No. 2.  How you feel is very important to all of this:

When writing a detailed description of what you want to accomplish also write your feelings in this description.

With the feelings attached to the things you are wanting to manifest as the source of motivation and energy behind it all brings it closer to you.

Get emotionally involved in the description with feelings.  The mental image of how your life is going to be on an emotional level describe it.

This is the true power of having clearly defined goals, along with clarity whilst identifying your emotional attachments to them.

Put your dream to test:

No. 3.  Take massive action.

Being able to now see and feel your goal and dreams you can now start moving toward it.

Write down what steps you need to take to move you closer to your dream in sequence so you can continue to move in the direction required again producing clarity.

This way you know what actions to take thus making it easier.

Remember adjustments can be made along the way but it far better to be following an action plan then floundering at what you need to be doing next.

4. Attract your dream to you. 

Now that you know exactly where your going, and you you feel about it all, including how your going to get there, what to do next?

Realize that the distance between you and the goal and dream you set out on identifying, and clarifying is so much closer now.

What you need to do is attract the dream toward you now.

Pull it towards you.

Can it be done?

Of course it can be done.

When you look at it your have been projecting the very you into this vision that exists in the future.

What we gonna do now is reverse this.

Instead of looking into a future reality, what you need to do now is bring it to you by allowing yourself to receive that reality in the now.  Like right now in the present tense. 

See yourself as a full participant, not a spectator, actually living it now.

When it comes to you coming towards a new career, visualize yourself actually performing the duties of that career.

Everything moves towards you, see it.

Feel the joy of receiving that vision. Imagine how wonderful it feels to have the reality of that vision totally permeate your life right now.

Feel it in the here and now.

Living in the now…

Just decide that its yours and it’s yours, it always was.


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Maria Eves

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Put your dream to the test


Put your dream to test

learn online marketing

To learn online marketing for your business is about you getting your mindset in its rightful place.

Mindset is crucial to your survival in all that you do.  Make it a priority to put this particular subject up front before anything else.  Mindset becomes the fuel to keep your motor running when you stumble across any pitfalls.

Life is what you make of it.  The power to succeed or fail is yours alone.

You alone have the responsibility to shape your life.

Nothing and no one can deny you greatness once you understand this.

To learn online marketing, put it in your head:

  1. It’s not a hobby and it not an interest, its a business.

Define the difference very quickly:

  • A hobby is an activity for personal pleasure or recreation and non profit.
  • Whereas a business is a person or organisation carrying out activities with the intention to make a profit.

To learn online marketing:

2.   What is your niche market?

This is such an important area to define to be able to market your business online. A niche market is the smaller market segment on which a specific product is focusing. This way the market niche determines the absolute specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs. Knowing this can help you create more effective marketing campaigns.

For those building a website, it is paramount that you understand your niche market to be able to optimize your website for specific keywords to be able to target your audience.

I learnt these factors as time unfolds so there has been many trial an errors along the way, but you reading this go there now and identify this area priority for your blog and or website to get the maximum results you deserve.

To learn online marketing:

3.  When it comes to online marketing - It’s about network marketing with other people globally, after all how are you going to build a business if you don’t have people looking at what you have to offer online or offline. People do not join businesses they join YOU based on the relationship and/or the value you provide. It’s about networking and building relationships with people in your niche that can solve their problems and struggles with your products and services.

To learn online marketing:

4.  Your emails I bet from the time you started online you have subscribed and subscribed over and over again gathering information to help you learn more, and have a huge influx of emails coming in.

Am I right?

When you open your emails how the heck do you manage to stay focused?

Very distracting, don’t you agree?

Do you manage to get anything done?

Time wasted energy opening email after email and I know you don’t open them all cause if you do, your gonna find your business is on the back burner.

Stay Focused On Your Mentor/s emails.

You have to make a decision to do that.

“Your habits determine your destiny”.

Your decisions on who you collect emails from are vital to your success to learn online marketing.  If they not from your Mentor/s then unsubscribe from them.  If  its such a big issue go and open a brand new email address specifically for your business and re subscribe to your Mentor/s emails.

Such a critical step to take.

Learning Online Marketing And Avoiding The Pitfalls:

5.  There are vast amounts of systems and tools out there on the internet that teach you how to make money online and most are very legit.  Be aware that many of these systems and tools can put you in a lot of pain financially, and when you realize this as you grow in your learning’s, it very difficult to just drop them because of all the hard work over time, especially when you blogging about them and have the links in your blog.

A BIG BIG Sacrifice to let them go.  Always remember you cannot chase two bunny rabbits at the same time and expect to catch them.

Make good decisions cause many of them you really don’t need, again it depends which marketing strategy you running with.

6.   Learning is an on-going process, never let your guard down cause systems and tools change over time.  It can take practically months and months to years learning systems and tools before you even receive a dime.  Know that 99% of network marketers with the urge to make money online are not skilled up let alone have the right mindset.    Skills like building a website, to setting up their own merchant accounts, to writing ad copy, to building a funnel let alone driving traffic.

It can be a never ending battle, just keeping up with it all.

I been there after years and years of upskilling.

For those out there that know what I’m talking it practically can eat away at your time, years and years of your life trying to put the puzzle together and keeping up with the latest.


For those of you building your own online marketing business.

You don’t need to know all this stuff cause there is an easier way.

Why learn HTML or CSS it not for you.

I can remember trying to set up a new wordpress hosted blog in my earlier days and it took me a month just to get it right.  I went over and over and over it again.   Nowadays you can get a wordpress hosted blog already setup.  See below.

Imagine your team going through all this stuff, they will quit before they even get started.

Get it in your head.  You don’t need to spend years and years learning all this stuff and suffering financially.

Imagine all this stuff already done for you!!

All you have to do is follow simple instructions and start getting automatic paydays with little or no effort?
Yes the online code has been cracked….

  • Autopilot paydays without you having to have a list…
  • No longer having to create a product…
  • No longer having to create websites…

This is the same system that’s already paid out over $40,000,000 in commissions in the last year.
The system cost millions of dollars to design and produce…but you can have it for a measly $25.

See the system in action here – Learn Online Marketing With Your Own Blog That Is Already Set Up For YOU with a commission base of 100% plus multiple streams of income.

The bonus is it has a 15k formula inside all in one platform.  Is that not what you would want to earn in residual income monthly plus?

Get more information here….CLICK HERE & Learn Online Marketing The Right Way…


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learn online marketing

no excuses

No excuses in this territory.

If it is important to you, you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse.

Limitations are for people that have them and excuses are for people that need them.

So No Excuses…

If a deaf man can make it happen so can you.

You ask him how much he made on his best day as a newbie and he’ll tell you $1000 bucks.

This guy does not make up excuses.  He does not have the gifts that we all have and that’s hearing.

Deafness is not an excuse to not take massive action.

He’s a prime example that “You never know how powerful you are until you get around the people who believe in you”.

Success Has No Excuses.

Plan Prepare And Perform No Excuses!

Excuses are for people who don’t want it.  They not hungry enough to really want success so they continue their path of procrastination and excuses.

Don’t forget that this guy is more than likely gonna be at the next event in Colorado Denver July 19-21st 2013.  Have you booked your event ticket in your back office or do you have an excuse for that?

Humans are really good at making excuses and when you look at it most of the time they lieing to themselves.  Some of us as an example go through the process of lieing why we don’t blog daily.  Oh Iv heard them all.  I had to do this or I had to do that.

The excuses are so good they even convince themselves it’s ok to come up with excuses.

It starts with school can you remember coming with excuses not to go to school?  Then it turned into lieing about homework why you didn’t do it.    Sport events is another big one excuse after excuse.  Getting overweight is another big one to getting skinny.   Yeah it might be part of your gene to get over weight to some but the excuse of oh I just love chocolate cakes, pizza, fatty foods.  And just keep eating them.

Don’t get upset, you know the excuses and it only my opinion cause that how I got chubby, all those dumb excuses.  We all human I know.

 We have all used or heard excuses for missing just about everything.

These are the people that fail in all they do.  They come across a problem push it aside and find and excuse to not solve it.

They not solution orientated they full of bull excusitis and it’s contagious if you around these types of people.

When you come across people who write an article and stop half way through without putting all the ingredients into the article and go ahead and publish it and then wander why they not generating leads.  The purpose of a blog is what?  Then stop finding excuses to complete and put the components required in there to generate leads.

No more excuses.

Just get it done!! 


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Maria Eves

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No excuses

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david sharpe

David Sharpe audio of the week Empower Network.

Love you guys – I’m PUMPED up.

You were born to win – let’s DO this -David Sharpe.

David Sharpe shares he can’t control people but if you serious about this profession it will change your life.

It not just about the money,the money part just becomes a game,  then it gets fun.

What you realize and what you learn is philosophies.

This extract is being typed as he gives his all and if you want to hear his full story click the links given below for more information and  the audio inside the empower network Inner Circle.

One is the illusion of control, amazing life lessons.
Everything happens the way exactly the way it suppose to happen.

i believe what we do is deep and you need to be willing to fight and fight for it.
i want to illustrate something.

We started this company Empower Network
We launched hard and fast.
The funny thing is the same thing the same people.
When the merchant account shut down.
95% of companies that have issues its a common thing -merchant issues.

Most people looked and said their done.

They said…
i knew it. i knew i shouldn’t of got on in that thing.
i knew it.

Unyet the people who had a vision

the people that knew something that they didn’t know continued.
the tracy walkers, the lawrence tams, toby & layla so many of them
they locked arms and rallied around.

For 45 days they told their people to keep blogging.
Keep marketing keep blogging keep the hope.
45 days later we came out of it.

Then we put thousands of people into an event, every one was going crazy.
I knew that the opportunity and the possibility as a company and not just individual was so much bigger than i had every imagined.

So much bigger than what david wood and i had planned back in oct 2011.

I learned an important lesson and never under estimate the power of having a big vision.

Never under estimate the power of people who believe in you.

People who are going to sit you down and say, but i luv you and im gonna show you the way.
From that meeting inside that room the vision has absolutely positively expanded.

I can also tell you that from that meeting that i did when i ranted and raved  just like now.
When that man walked up to me and said, if you stay at this you can be one of the best network marketers that this industry has ever seen.

i am now one of the top 10…
we are affiliates of our products…
we go out into the trenches with our people….

The speed of the pack will be in direct proposition of the speed of the leader.

what do you think is possible?
who do you hang with?

You can do 10 times more than you think you can do.
You are 10 times more than you think you are.

I don’t know where you have been.
Iv seen people transform and change.
Its been moving.

People rising up from ashes.
People in bankruptcy Iv seen and heard the stories.

When you get all in you will automatically be stretched.

thank god someone washed my brain,cause it needed to be washed.

Sometimes we don’t have all the answers we need to listen to someone who has been there.
Cause we need to know what we don’t know.

If all else fails suit up and show up.

Get All In…listen to the full story in your back office- Read the frequently asked questions.

david sharpe weekly audio


After the call David Sharpe posted this on Facebook and this was the response:
CLICK HERE…go see…
Look — again. . . I’m not going to tell you that you
NEED to listen to this call 5-10 times over the next
week if you’re really serious about discovering the
ultimate secret to making money in this business.
Because you probably already know how much it
will impact you, don’t you?
I will say this — I’d like to give you this call free
when you decide to join my team right now . . .
. . . and decide to finally work around the type of
people who will really teach you how to build the
business of your dreams and live a lifestyle beyond
your wildest imagination - at the same time.
$25/month for your blog
$19.95/month to be an affiliate
The call is an hour long, and will start playing
automatically when you log into your back office.
I just hope you’re ready for this one. It’s NOT
your typical ‘run of the mill’ training call.
If strait talk about big money and real life will have
you in the corner sucking your thumb, this isn’t for
you either.
Just warning ya :-)
This call — when you listen to it, now — will change
the way you view yourself and your business.
I can’t guarantee you’ll go out and make a million
dollars — but I can guarantee you won’t be the 
same person after you hear this.
The call is an hour long, and will start playing
automatically when you log into your back office.
$25/month for your blog
$19.95/month to be an affiliate
See ya on the inside.
David Sharpe
Leaders invest in personal development just like David Sharpe.

quote word for word…..

I immersed myself into personal development which has helped me master the craft of communication, marketing and influence.

And by personal development I specifically mean . . .

Listening to audios everyday
Reading books
Coaching with people who know more than I do in a specific area
Attending events
Getting on calls

Damn, that’s starting to sound a lot like the ’8 Core Steps” :-)

if you’re not in Empower Network yet, for heavens sake ==> join now would ya!

David Sharpe
“The Millionaire Maker”


If that’s you and your keen to learn and implement your own direct selling business model then fill in the form provided here so I can send you some information via email.

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direct selling business model

The traditional job market sits stagnant that’s why direct selling business model is booming.

Whether it be part time or full time, 15 million people have made that shift working from home managing their own home business as independent representatives for a variety of direct-sales companies.

Direct Selling Business Model – Why is this area growing?

Obviously there is a lot of unemployment out there and people need jobs.  To me there has also been a shift in mindset for many people, where as working for a boss is only a temporary stage for many.  People are into creating income for themselves and becoming their own boss.

You have got the health products like mannatech and the makeup industry like Mary Kaye to the earlier companies like tupperware to just name a few.

Whilst many people still carry full time jobs they integrate a part time business within the direct sales industry and work it till they can get out of their jobs.

With flexible hours and low start up costs people flock to the direct selling business model industry knowing you can get involved in just about any industry today.

Here is what you need to look out for in a direct selling business model.

Instead of going off half done try the products first, if your not familiar with the company.  If you like the products then obviously you will be able to promote them to others. Don’t be a hipocrite and join the business and not use the products that you promote.

Another area is to make sure the company is not a high risk company as there are many that come across and then just disappear.  Take the time to to check it out and reading the testimonials from people whom are working the business.  But don’t always trust what you read from people that are negative, listen to the leaders.  People that are successful in the industry.

People would normally get a tangible product in the business of direct sales but because of technology its not necessarily a tangible product especially with the likes of empower network which is a direct selling business model whom have products that give training and development along with 100 per cent commission.  By simply taking action and getting to know the products yourself you can walk the talk and it be easier to share the business with other interested parties.

Top 5 Reasons for Considering a Direct Selling Business Model.

Be your own boss. Your in complete control of how you invest your time and how you go about building your business.

Save Time and Money.

As an independent business owner, you purchase the products you love many at discounts and you operate all activities from home.

Direct selling business opportunities are based on building relationships. When building a direct selling business model, customers and other team members appear to quickly become important and rewarding aspects to ones life.

Be Recongnized and Rewarded for Achievement.

Its not every day that anyone gets congratulated and recognised for ones efforts well done. But direct selling
companies recognize and reward their independent business owners through bonuses, trips and prizes. This is an essential component to the business model.

Build Income.

The direct selling compensation model offered by most companies allows you to build passive residual income for many with the potential to create incomes beyond those earned from the personal selling/servicing efforts of the direct seller.

If that’s you and your keen to learn and implement your own direct selling business model then fill in the form provided here so I can send you some information via email.

See you soon….

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