why start with a whyI imagine a world where people wake up every day inspired to go to work and return home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled by the work they do, feeling that they have contributed to something greater than themselves.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy Why you do it. S. Sinek

July 30th I had found the solution to what was troubling me with my team online.

I made it my business to help my team to be able to duplicate generating leads that builds their list that converts to sales….

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Do you know your Why? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do.


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Traffic For Your Website

income producing activities2Are you doing income producing activities or running around like a headless chookie?

Income Producing Activities is what generates income.

If your gonna blog, get traffic to see it so you can get leads to build your list.



Step 4 is the income producing activity for the freedom fighters network members…5 minutes work a day…your choice!!


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set your intentionsThe Power Of Intention And Setting Your Intention, So You Will Have Clarity As To Where Your Going.

“I can’t control the wind but I can adjust the sail.” Ricky Skagss

Setting Your Intentions NOW!


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The Power Of Intention And Setting Your Intention


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the freedom fighters network

sonia kohiti

Congratulations Sonia Kohiti I am so proud of you.

Yes nothing better than doing the money dance and earning residual income Monday morning New Zealand time woop woop lets rock doll !!!M. Eves

Sonia Kohiti after many years online finally put her dream to the test.

She broke the F.E.A.R false evidence appearing real and took massive action by implmenting “The Freedom Fighters Network” push button traffic system.

Learn How We Guarantee You’ll Make Money Or We’ll Pay You $150 Cash!

Easily done step1 to step6.

Her RESULTS show that any newbie can generate leads and make sales if they just follow the steps and push the buttons.

Anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and stay FOCUSED on your DESIRES.

Sonia Kohiti comes from ROTORUA but have been living in Waiotahe, Opotiki, New Zealand.

She is a fluent english and maori speaker. A teacher of the maori language and customs.

She has recently lost her dad so it’s been a trialing time for her to get on with life and fulfill her dreams. Married to Rangirea Kohiti, they have 4 children which includes an adopted child, so her hands are full.

Getting a congratulations within her first couple of weeks for signing up a new member and doing the money dance just blew her away that she finally had a system that also generated leads that converted to sales.  Now it’s about rinse and repeat and can be duplicated.

It’s specifically designed for newbies that struggled with lead generation and marketing skills.  You no longer need all that stuff.  Technology does it all for you if you know your systems and tools.   That was the most important thing for Sonia knowing that one key problem and that was traffic.  All website owners need traffic daily.

You see its easy to go out there and just implement a marketing system as in a funded proposal on the front end of your marketing.  But if you can’t move traffic to your website you won’t be able to build your list.

After participating in the freedom fighters community online and observing all the testimonials of myriads of people globally getting results for the first time online.  A system to be reckoned with especially with the built in push button traffic source a unique feature for a funded proposal system.

She knows that her team members would quit if they didn’t have a system that would give her team members results within their 1st week if not 30-90 days.


Sonia Kohiti tells me what she has learned on her journey and that it’s far from over as she now starts building her team online. Visit Sonia Kohiti go here now and friend her.

The Dream Vs The Struggle Vs The Victory.

It’s a fact that we all go through it.
Mistakes are the best thing that can happen cause we learn from it.
It’s the dream that’s the driving force, but the struggle made the victory so much more worth the effort.
The struggle in earlier stages makes the celebration of victory sweeter.

So, for those of you still going through struggle and pain and heartache my advice to you is this:
Embrace the Struggle.
Persevere with it.
Everyone goes through struggles your not alone.
But learn this.
Not everyone has the strength to rise above it all and achieve VICTORY!

Make a DECISION that YOU will be VICTORIOUS!

No Matter What!

Close your eyes and visualize yourself sharing your story.

How you had a dream and went through a ton of struggle, and then finally,

after a ton of hard work, sweat, and tears, you had your VICTORY.

Imagine that.

Now, Take Massive Action And Make It Happen!!!


moana ashley results build

Moana Ashley “Why did you choose internet marketing as your preference in industry”?

Great question Maria.

As a young girl I always dreamed of being a writer. I wanted to tell stories and that maybe through my stories people could relate to me and share similliar interest.

My journey online has taken me where I really started to imagine and feel how to create what I desired to create.  I imagined that i could not fail and I emotionally began to connect myself to success.

Thank you Moana for sharing that.

I personally met Moana Ashley online whilst I was blogging approx 2 maybe 3 years ago and noticed her around me on a regular basis online.

She soon became a blogger known as MoanaAshleyOnline.com

We became very good friends and I went to visit her in 2013 and spent approximately a month with her and got to meet her entire family.

A wife and grandmother and mother of 6 boys ranging from 13 to approx 28 my guess lol.

Extraordinarily busy,  full on with her Bowen Therapist interest on the sideline and keeping her household going along with bringing up her grandson as one of her own.  She has a talent for singing and has teamed up with her sister and basically doing weekend gigs for extra income and also her passion.

I was really intrigued with how teachable and coachable she was and now my online business partner. The eager beaver she is, she wasn’t just blogging but  she also began to create her own videos and publishing them on the youtube.  Shes not really one for seo but she sure has picked up on keywords to place herself on the 1st page of google with her “Freedom Fighters Network Testimonial Video”.
Youtube – 963 in the search for keywords “the freedom fighters network testimonial video”

moana ashley online

You can watch her video on her blog site MoanaAshleyOnline.

After joining The Freedom Fighters Network, Moana Ashley managed to secure within her first day a lead that turned into a sale.  She then went on to generate another 48 leads and another 2 sales on autopilot within an hour.  So she certainly knew the power of having a system that had an integrated traffic source that would generate the leads required to give her the sales on autopilot basically topping up her own social media strategies.

The power of  residual income getting paid over and over again with her consistency.  Autopilot was what she was seeking after tirelessly for years not getting results.  She realized newbies quit within their 1st 30-90 days if they don’t get results.  So this system she uses she tested and trialed it herself and her eyes nearly popped out of her head.


A simple step1 to step 6 system that runs on autopilot with push button traffic on demand.  She now has the solution to all newbies problems online.

Moana Ashley  is an absolute winner in all that she does and I’m really excited to see her progress over the next 6-12 months alongside her team.

Subscribe here and stay updated for more posts on team members results with “The Freedom Fighters Network” whom specialize in traffic generation to build the business list that converts to sales. So if that’s you watch the free video below and get instant results.

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watch the video click here


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Moana Ashley Online

moana ashleyThe Freedom Fighters Network Testimonial Video – By Moana Ashley.

After discovering that it was very difficult to hold onto team members in any network marketing business online, Moana joined the freedom fighters network.

She knew the weekness in newbies was the fact that they had no idea how to generate leads let alone figure what traffic source to utilize outside of slog labour hours with free marketing strategies.  She knew that the newbie would be gobbled up by the big players who sell what the market needs to the newbie whom has no mentor and really does not know what courses they really need to focus on.  They end up taking out course after course after course before they become so overwhelmed with the wrong courses, that they eventually loose site of the dreams.

She knew that the newbie had no marketing skills and no tech skills and the freedom fighters network is specifically designed to cater for what the newbie need to get results within weeks to 30-90days.

With a built in traffic source that generates leads and builds their list that converts to sales all problems were solved.

Moana Ashley Online listen to her Video…





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The Freedom Fighters Network Launched Sunday, July 28, 2014.

Results BUILD…

Before they released it they tested it with the COLD MARKET which is a very different strategy.

“How to Sponsor 188 People In 60 Hours” by Jordan Schultz and Angela Moore.


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online marketing funnel5



What do smart marketers do with their traffic that visit their website and what’s the smodv autoresponder got to do with it?

They build their business list.

The list is the business asset.

To be able to collect leads that build your list you need to be using an autoresponder.

In this case we are using the smodv autoresponder which is integrated into our front end marketing funnel.

It has a 50% commission at $15 per member vs Aweber @ $6 per member.

But more interestingly its part of the system I use for oneself and teams traffic source.

For you to find out more register for FREE below…

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How To Broadcast An Email Using Smodv Autoresponder

thefreedomfightersnetwork_fbThe Freedom Fighters Network And Why I Got Involved.

I so enjoyed Jordan Schultz & Angela’s story. I related to it instantly.

After coming through a couple of funded proposal systems over the last 4 years I found that getting newbies going was such a big problem when it came to traffic generation.

After all without traffic to your website your business is doomed.

It was easy enough getting them, the problem was keeping them in.

Team building was another big problem and one of the hardest things Iv ever had to build.

How come I could make money but my team couldn’t?
Why couldn’t they duplicate me?

That really got on my goat but I continued my journey in search of an answer.

Lead generation was one of the biggest struggles ever when it came to getting my team to duplicate.  I  mean to say Im a blogger they are not’, Im way more advanced in marketing online and it’s taken time and money to gain these skills.  Not just anybody will commit and spend time upskilling themselves in marketing, they way too buzy working for a boss.

The ones that do get involved have a dream and they looking for a vehicle to get them there.

Yip we know all about the fast track and the slow track to financial freedom.

We know 99% never had a marketing budget, what else is new?  Of course they took the slow track in free marketing online.  Unless they have  already set the foundation and have a large network they will more than likely never make it, it will knock out years and years of trying and trying as they loose site of their dreams and quit.


Yip we know 99% of  newbies take the slow road to marketing and quit before they even make a dime.

99% have the F.E.A.R of the Fast Track in Paid Advertising.

So how do we get them on that road to change their mindset and take that Fast Track to Freedom?

How do we get a newbie to get RESULTS within days if not their very 1st week in?

It has to be…cause RESULTS BUILD….

Mark my words I to am all coursed out, testing and tweeking various traffic sources and spent a ton of money at a loss.

Today I can gratefully say I now have the solution for the newbie and any team builder online.

Results Results from various team members and self.

The Freedom Fighters Network – Push Button Traffic And One Of the Most Remarkable Front End Funnel Systems Iv Ever Come Across.

Listen To The Video….



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Why the freedom fighters network?

How To Improve Website Conversion -

3 Inside Methods…


When we talk of front end conversions and how to improve website conversion, what we mean is:

The visitors you send to the lead capture page, what % of those people decide to put their emails into the box provided?  This is how it’s tested.

Listen to the video.



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How to improve website conversion

The Freedom Fighters Network

Front End Conversion


Commissions earnt $2700 in 2 weeks and this is “Residual Income”.  You do the work once and you get paid over and over again by integrating the front end marketing funnel into your business. It’s also known as a funded proposal – generating leads that convert to sales on the front end of any business. Traditional businesses is where people have to work all month to get that sort of money and then they gotta do it all over again.

The Freedom Fighters Network has an inbuilt traffic source and people are doing the money dance.

People that have never had success before, now getting RESULTS. The newbie no longer has to go and buy course after course and become all coursed out with overwhelment. No longer having to have tech skills.

The Freedom Fighters Network has AUTOMATED SALES – Life changing Income.

It will impact people when they can go back and share their story of succes with push button traffic that gets the leads required to make those sales. No more calling leads, No more prospecting, No more 3 way calls, No more chasing family and friends and ending up in the no friends left club. Listen in…

. .

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The Freedom Fighters Network Front End Conversion Results

How To Increase Traffic On Your Website Is Not Only Fun  But Also Builds Your List On Autopilot And Produces Instant Sales…

The Freedom Fighters Network ….

Watch The Video…LIVE

 How To IncreaseTraffic On Your Website Using A System Where You Don’t Need Any Tech Skills Let Alone Any Marketing Skills.

Push Button Traffic Will Increase Your Traffic Flow Instantly With The Freedom Fighters Network System.

There are basically 4 components that brings this system together as a whole but what struck my attention is the 2nd component being the clock timer.

You see In order for this system to convert into cold traffic you will notice you get access to a Free 7 day trial that then leads into a monthly membership.

Keep in mind that the system markets to cold traffic which are people who don’t know you from a bar of soap and come from places like solo ads or banners ads just to name a few…

What really struck my attention in the system is it has a REAL TIMER…


You see Iv had many instances where Iv come across websites and it says buy now before the button hits zero or the price goes up or you can’t get in for free and nothing happens?

Well this timer is definately for REAL.

From the time you land on The Freedom Fighters Network Website the  timer sets in motion and it gives you 1hour to watch the video’s and complete the sign up process giving you a FREE 7 day run.

Right there if your smart enough you will Run Step4 To The Max And Take Your Business To Another Level Very RAPIDLY.

If you leave the page the timer carries on and completes the 1 hour process so if it hits 000 you no longer will have access to your FREE TRIAL and you will now pay the $47.00 monthly subscription.

This really does stop the masses from siting on the sidelines watching and making that decision to become a part of the movement as a freedom fighter.

Increasing Traffic To Your Website Is The Turning Point Of Your Business Especially On Autopilot.

I welcome any comments in the box below and please do subscribe to my blog and stay updated.


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Increase Website Traffic

How To Make Money Online Is Easier When You Use The Right Systems And Tools.

To make money online you as a business owner has a website.

So your goal as a website owner is to drive as much traffic as you can to your website on a daily basis to be able to generate leads that eventually convert to sales.

Although there are many ways to get traffic and one in particular that leaders major in is the warm market, where they already have the influence which makes it easier to get leads and signups in places like facebook…

but if your brand new …

…more than likely you will struggle, which brings it back to our system The Freedom Fighters Network Vision – to help the newbies make money in their 1st week online.

Listen UP!!

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