maria eves 7Well, what can I say?
“I Have A Dream”. Maria Eves

What I know now is: “Anything Is Possible”.

Iv discovered a whole new playground online where I can create freedom, joy & abundance, for not just myself but also for those that come in contact with me.

As they say- the older you get the more wiser you become.  INTENTIONS and CLARITY written down with pen and paper changed the course of my direction. Having a DESIRE backed up with FAITH voluntarily implemented with AUTOSUGGESTIONS.  This aligned with my passion of Network Marketing which I had been persuing offline which led me to come online in later years.

When I look at it, I failed over and over and over again in this industry for years and years, dog gone slave labour with road blocks coming at me every which way I turned. Today I am forever GRATEFUL to have experienced all that pain and struggle of constant setbacks.
All that failure made me a better person and has taught me so much more about ME and who I am and why I do what I do.

Although I went through so much pain and hardship I never gave up. to learn the formula of making money online. I always knew deep inside myself that if it had to be it was up to me to make things happen.

I’m a person that has always hungered for a place of safety and FREEDOM, and if it’s gonna be it’s up to me.

Iv always kept my fingers on the pulse and focused on my dreams and goals with a vision for not only myself but for the people who were also like minded.

I never flinched an eye lid at any other shiny object that so cruely were placed in front of me during difficult times.  What I mean by that was I wanted to know all about the front end of marketing system and nothing else.  And until I knew how to and integrated it and it worked I never looked at anything else.  I took it in and remained as calm as with the help of what I felt was my sixth sense at work giving me the power to continue my journey to financial freedom.

As for you my friend…..Trust your instincts and listen to your intuition. Instincts aren’t thoughts they are feelings so tune in on them.  By doing that you will find deep down the strength that will guide you to kingdom come. It’s deep within you.

After many years of floating around on the net testing and trialing systems and tools, to course after course till I was all coursed out, I took on full time employment to continue to pay my cost of living out here and I setup online the front end of the marketing funnel, the funded proposal and integrated it with a back end that has high end products.

The actual funded proposal I finally chose and have implemented on the front end of me marketing arsenal is brillliant.

This system sits on the front end and generates all me leads that builds me list and converts them to sales.

So I have front end cash flow and residual income payout over and over again monthly.  I always knew deep inside, that one of the major problems that majority of marketers are faced with is lead generation and I made it my business to implement a solution for all struggling network marketers.

I am excited to see the progress in learning and implementing how to solve 99% of network marketers struggles of having to go learn all this stuff when they really don’t need it, when it comes to push button systems.

The reason I chose this front end over the previous two is it has integrated into the system a couple of TRAFFIC SOURCES.  and with that sort of power in my hands I can now offer you something to look forward to also.

I believe it certainly is the answer to solving all these problems of the myriads of wanna be marketers.

Go watch the video right here!

We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves. You to have that power deep within yourself…FIND IT! Have that courage to fight on…..

Through the aid of imagination, it is said that man can create anything. The key to converting imagination into reality is acting as though an imagined scene is real and already accomplished. Instead of pretending it is a scene from the future, imagine it as though you are truly experiencing it in the present. It is a real event in the now. Think & Grow Rich…N. Hill.

The power is within…and it’s endless.

I have created this platform for like minded entrepreneurs where I can share the information required saving you a heck of a lot of time and money with lessons & strategies that have helped team members globally and myself move more swiftly, throughout our journey to freedom.

And it just get’s better and better!


Mindset & Marketing Go Hand In Hand.

You better believe it!!


We will no doubt be in touch my friend…

Carpe Diem!


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Success Is Yours!

Maria Eves

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