Everything you picture in your life really is the effect of your life.
And everything that created it was created by your thoughts, beliefs, ideologies.

Every judgement you have ever allowed into your mind are points that make up your reality and that’s why your life is the way it is.

Have you ever been blocked in making your dream happen?

Here’s what can help you to get rid of that.

Did you know that if you change your frequency you can change your reality?

When it comes to your frequency its about changing certain thoughts that come through your energy field daily.

Just look around you.

You might be in your kitchen and there’s the table, there’s the fridge and the stove and there’s your body sitting on the chair.

Everything is what we call matter and underneath matter its made out of atoms and molecules and protons and neutrons and source energy that  permeates and holds everything together.


On our planet there is a thing called clarity.

That’s where we live in this whole thing called light and dark, true and falsehood.  Even if you look at water and you freeze it and its a solid in the middle of the liquid and then there’s the steam, so things can be transferred and changed.

Negative clarity we have electrons and neutrons where electrons have a negative charge and neutrons have a positive charge so there’s a positive and a negative and there’s a source energy that holds everything together.

So can you influence your environment?

Interesting enough this takes us to Dr Emoto and messages in water he gives.  Dr Emoto did an experiment with plain ole tap water that’s going to help you & I understand way more than I could ever dream possible.
What has water got to do with vibration you may ask?

As Dr Moto goes through the experiment he reveals that water crystals are as if they were our own emotions and that word contain vibrational meaning.

Words retained vibrational information which led him to expose water to written words. He thought that water might have the ability to sense vibration and give us some answers.  The first word he exposed water to was the words “Thank You” and guess what happened?

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Much love…


Maria Eves


Dr Emoto – If you can influence your environment then you can change your frequency to change your reality.

What do you reckon?

Interesting enough Dr Masaru Emoto who is an author an entrepeneur, who claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

Dr Emoto did an interesting experiment by taking plain ole tap water and what he did was he froze it, then he took it and put it under a microscope and took a picture of the molecules of water.

When it was frozen the tap water molecules look something like this above in the image.
There is no shape to it nor is there any crystallized structure to it as he explains.


Then he took another bottle of water and labelled it with different words.
For instance….

Love and Thanks.

He then proceeded to take a snapshot of it and it showed the crystallized structure turned up.

So there was a different form to it.

He also prayed over the bottle with intention which  eventually shows you can change your environment.

Another example:


He did another one with different words  example “I hate you..you make me sick…

You body is made up of 70% water.

I can only imagine someone saying that as a phrase of speech not really knowing what those very thoughts and words produce.

Dr Emoto did another example with the Energy of Joy.


Joy is one of higher frequencies that we can go.

Then he did an energy of “you fool”.

So in thought when we are judgemental to ourselves our whole vibration and inner being changes.

When we call  ourselves little nasty names in our head like ”Your so stupid” or I’m fat or I’m ugly or I don’t deserve this or that.

If you think like that then that’s the sort of energy your putting into your body.

I have learnt to stop this thought process immediately and start saying nice things to oneself.

Let’s look at the energy of gratitude.

Omg I’m so grateful for being healthy and I’m so grateful for the food I eat daily and I’m so grateful for my family and friends and the roof over my head.

You see when you do gratitude statements daily and you are sincerely deeply appreciative and grateful for something apparently a vortex of energy appears around you.

Being grateful literally allows for new stuff to come into your life.

Another article I read about referring to the mind science foundation did an experiment where it was proven we can change stuff around us.

The doctor took a red blood cell and through his thoughts of intention, he proved you can slow down the blood cells dying.  How amazing is that!!

In the “Maharaji Effect” the dr. took like 7000 meditative yogi monks and put them in different cities where they then proceeded to measure what happened in those cities before and after through a variety of ways.

In one city the crime rate dropped by 22%.

In other cities they monitored that the pollution dropped and in Tel Aviv the stock market went up.

So it’s putting conscious beings in a place where they are pulling in source energy and radiating out in a space, to change the environment.

The book “Power versus force” goes over why some people change and some don’t.


People have different patterns then others.

Looking at the scale above why some people change and why some people wouldn’t.

If somebody had guilt and shame they are the hardest patterns to pull out.

  • Shame meaning i am not enough.

If you track all your beliefs, like if you think you can’t have money it hits this place that says I’m not enough.

  • Guilt – is the energy  of 30 on the scale.
  • Apathy – is where homeless people are on the scale.
  • Grief – over money , where you totally sad and your whole energy field is u feel your victim
  • Fear – if I make too much money people will want to take it away from me.  A paranoia in ones belief.
  • Desire – is not the energy of desire its  more about the addictive quality of i desire something from a egoist place or i need to it to build me up cause I don’t feel I am enough.
  • Anger – its a moving energy.  when someone gets mad I’m happy cause i know they are pissed off enough to use the energy. so itwill move you.
  • Pride – is where fundamentalism lives.  They are ingrained beliefs that may not necessarily be  your own.
  • Courage – level of 200 and it’s a door opener.
  • Love is at 500.

1 person at 500 can positively change the frequency of those at 200 and lift 750 thousand other people.

If a person has the vibration of 600 can affect 10 million people.

One person at the vibration of 700 enlightened can positively impact 70 million people.

So that proves that you can change your environment and you being more you can influence the world or change the world.

Interesting isn’t it.

Water is affected by our intentions and thoughts and man is made up of 70% water.

How do you talk to yourself and others?

Listen to Dr Emoto….Revolutionary discovery with water.

B Blessed!


Maria Eves

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how_to_do_lead_follow_upEveryone talks of lead generation but once you have leads how do you do a lead follow up effectively?

Every lead has the potential to not only become a buyer or new team member but also a satisfied customer whom then can lead to repeat income month after month.  To develop an effective lead follow up process, it is important to first understand what a lead is.

A lead is simply a potential customer that wants to know more of what you have to offer before they make the final decision to buy.

Let’s go over how to go about doing a lead follow up.


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How to effectively do lead follow up.

speedwealth1SpeedWealth is an exceptional book to read when you get a bit of spare time it’s written by T. Harv Eker, also the author of  Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.  It covers the 8 essential principles required.

Listen in on the video to hear principles 4,5 & 6.

1. Develop a SpeedWealth Mindset

We know that success can be learnt.

You can always be more, have more and do more because you can always learn more.

2. Deliver Massive Value

3. Timing: Choose the Right Business at the Right Time

4. Systemize

5. Duplicate

6. Leverage

7. Cashing Out

8. Do It Now!



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what is website traffic and how to get website trafficWebsite traffic is the number of visitors to your website whom begin the process of clicking various pages you have.

Once the visitor has arrived on your website, there are tools that are integrated that track as to where these visitors go on your website and what they click on, giving the website owner a fair indication  of how many people actually visited daily.

Listen in on “What is website traffic and how to get website traffic”.


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What is website traffic and how to get website traffic.

video screen captureVideo screen capture can enrich any teacher’s presentation with powerful pictures and graphics.

With the best video screen capture tool it will allow you as a teacher to screen capture anything screening on your computer.

Audio is also integrated along with all sorts of animation.

For those of you wanting to screen capture your hobbies or your business its a pretty powerful move to do with no regrets.

The above how to video, which was created using Camtasia studio for training purposes.

Once you have done a screen capture video and named it your keywords you can now click on the tab PRODUCE AND SHARE and then set it on custom production settings then click NEXT…next…next then finish.  You pretty much don’t change anything.

What it will do is produce a video inside your files on your computer with the actual video.

From there you can now go to youtube and upload it with the same keywords in the title, description,in the tag and so on….

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Video screen capture

make money online from homeMake money online from home is about implementing a system that has all the components required in 1 system for the newbie to get started immediately.

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How Make Money Online From Home

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first_law_of_invisible_influence_imageYes I have often wandered how some marketers get amazingly high conversions with up to 70-80% open email rates and sell an amazing ton of products and services whilst others struggle.

After listening in on Vick Strizheus latest share online he shares that it’s because these people have an INVISIBLE INFLUENCE.

What does that mean you may ask?

That one question lured me in to go listen and this is what I learnt from him.

Firstly it’s a very advanced stage for a marketer so obviously I’m ready.

The reason only a small percentage of marketers get high conversions is based around that they have the power of INVISIBLE INFLUENCE.

Now this subject is not really talked about online.  Iv never really heard this topic from too many people.  Un yet the obvious is iv been doing it as a half pie habit for many years offline to online without realizing the significance of it, as I could of done it better as it is looked upon as a significant component that is not optional.

Infact it’s MANDATORY if you aspire to influence a ton of people.

The most exciting part of it all is anybody can LEARN and integrate this skill, these habits no matter what previous experience you may already have.

There are certain laws that govern sales and one of them is Invisible Influence.

What led me to this topic?

So I can be the best of the best when it comes to marketing online.

The key to this is knowing who to follow firstly cause its the blind leading that blind out there .  It’s important in choosing your mentor of which I chose Vick Strizheus when it came to anything to do with traffic.

What Iv learnt from him is that if you wanna be really good at getting your message out there you need to know what the 3 key areas you need to be paying more attention to.

On doing this you be able to get what you want….??

So let’s get down to the significant 2-3 areas that we need to stay focused on and master that will product 92% of your income.

1.  Marketing is the pillar you need to master:

- always have multiple sources of traffic
- never depend on 1 particular source of traffic at any time
- never outsource your traffic.

2. You need to get really good at conversions – cause conversions is what puts money in the bank.

There are 3 laws when it comes to conversions:

  1. The invisible influence - nobody talks about below the surface of the ice berg.
  2. Psycology and persuasion
  3. Law is the strategic plan of action.

If you want to have high conversions, people opening up your emails watch this video explaining the 1st Law of Invisible Influence.

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How To Increase Website Traffic Is Far Easier For Newbies Than Its Ever Been Before.

Leads Leads And More Leads when it comes to, when you get website traffic by just following the instructions from step1 to step6.


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How to increase website traffic.

why start with a whyI imagine a world where people wake up every day inspired to go to work and return home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled by the work they do, feeling that they have contributed to something greater than themselves.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy Why you do it. S. Sinek

July 30th I had found the solution to what was troubling me with my team online.

I made it my business to help my team to be able to duplicate generating leads that builds their list that converts to sales….

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Do you know your Why? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do.


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Traffic For Your Website

income producing activities2Are you doing income producing activities or running around like a headless chookie?

Income Producing Activities is what generates income.

If your gonna blog, get traffic to see it so you can get leads to build your list.



Step 4 is the income producing activity for the freedom fighters network members…5 minutes work a day…your choice!!


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set your intentionsThe Power Of Intention And Setting Your Intention, So You Will Have Clarity As To Where Your Going.

“I can’t control the wind but I can adjust the sail.” Ricky Skagss

Setting Your Intentions NOW!


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The Power Of Intention And Setting Your Intention


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